ezi"n"klean™| eco litter bags for car

Why is ezi"n"klean™ | Voted 2009 green product

Ezi'n'klean solves a problem that no other product on the market can.

It's an effortless product to use, and fits into any car, whether it be an Alfa Romeo, Audi, Aston Martin or BMW. The product can fit in almost any position making it the most convenient product of its kind. No cleaning means you can dispose of any trash in seconds, and hide the unit from view for those time when you want to make that first impression, or when Jeremy Clarkson pops in for a ride!

Our special new biodegradable resin, synthesis of various elements causes complete degradation in natural condensations. - Small-scale trial production was carried out in both Canada, China and the Uk the results were encouraging. - ezi"n"klean™ Field Test conducted outdoor for 115 days to identify the tensile strength & fracture strain ratio under photo degradation.

Completely degrades in 115 days under visual examination


how will ezi"n"klean ™ save you money and time

ezi"n"klean™ will save you money because its time saving and effort less to use. Because ezi"n"klean™ helps you reduce the clutter, keeps your car clean as a you drive, your car will stay cleaner for longer it will save you time and money on cleaning, You will reduce your total spend on: car cleaning products, car care products, car valeting, car detailing, car shampoo, car preparation, auto valeting which will have a positive impact on the environment and you wallet.

how will it benefit the environment?

Western countries are estimated to produce over 607818 tons of roadside litter ever year and the average driver drops just under half a ton of litter each year. Over time this cost us our environment and help raze our tax .

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